Flood and Stormwater Modelling (2018)
Versatile hydrodynamic modelling
This video showcases real-world flood and stormwater events modelled, simulated and visualized with Visdom, including river floods, protection failures, mountain and hill run-off under heavy rain, and Tsunamis.
Decision Making (2015)
Fast and scalable simulation of alternative flood mitigation plans
This video demonstrates the faster than real-time simulations of alternative flooding scenarios in a large german city. Users sketch mobile barriers to protect important infrastructure. The height of the barriers and the amount of material required to build them is derived from the simulation results. This enables the planning of cost-effective measures according to the situation at hand.
Vulnerability Visualization (2015)
Object-centered vulnerability to possible flood hazards
This video shows techniques to visualize vulnerability to flood-related hazards focusing on a specific building. Our approach is based on the automatic extraction of relevant information from a large collection of pre-simulated flooding events, called a scenario pool. From this pool, we generate uncertainty-aware visualizations conveying the vulnerability of the building of interest to different kinds of flooding events.
Simulation Technology (2014)
Fast and reliable flood simulation
The Visdom flood decision support is based on an a reliable in-house 2D-flood simulator. By leveraging standard GPUs, we can simulate breach scenarios in seconds, or weeks of large-scale inundation in a matter of hours.
Visdom Mobile (2012)
Decision support on-site using mobile, visual simulation control
This video demonstrates remote decision support using the mobile version of the Visdom client. Through touch-based interaction the user operates a remote simulation and visualization engine and receives results at interactive rates.