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To watch the videos use the direct download links below.

World Lines [download]

An interactive visualization to manage multiple simulation runs

Nodes on Ropes [download]

A comprehensive control-flow for steering ensemble simulations

Aggregates [download]

Comparative visual analysis and steering of ensemble simulations

Multiverse data-flow control [download]

Modularity for complex processes across time and scenarios

Visual Human+Machine Learning [download]

Machine-supported search for explanations in large data sets

World Lines Fast Forward [download]

See whether your measures are effective, in virtual worlds

So many different worlds [download]

A short audio-visual edit of World Lines features

Nodes on Ropes Fast Forward [download]

Test your decisions in the presence of uncertainty

Femto [download]

Understand ultrashort laser pulses

LCS analysis for Revolving Doors [download]

LCS based air flow analysis of a Revolving Door with air curtain

Isosurfaces of a Tsunami Sim [download]

Vorticity and Pressure isosurfaces extracted from a Tsunami Simulation.

Isosurfaces of a breaking dam [download]

Pressure isosurfaces of a breaking dam

Sketching Uncertainty [download]

Sketch-based input methods to define simulation parameters

Decision Making [download]

Fast and scalable simulation of alternative flood mitigation plans

Visdom Mobile [download]

Decision support on-site using mobile, visual simulation control

Sketching Fast Forward [download]

Sketch your ideas into simulations

Streak Surfaces [download]

Streak surfaces to reveal time-dependent flow structures

Many Plans [download]

Multidimensional ensembles for decision support

Vulnerability Visualization [download]

Object-centered vulnerability to possible flood hazards

Blood Flow Vortices [download]

Visualization of MRI blood flow data

Run Watchers [download]

Automatic decision support in flood management

Simulation Technology [download]

Fast and reliable flood simulation

Many Plans Fast Forward [download]

Prepare many plans for many possible scenarios

Run Watchers Fast Forward [download]

Get automatic suggestions for barrier placement and logistics

Kepler Shuffle [download]

Kepler shuffle for real-world flood simulations on GPUs

Composite Flow Maps [download]

Visualize geo-spatial transportation data