Hydraulic Engineering & Water Resources Man.
Karlsplatz 13/222
1040 Vienna Austria
Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber
PhD Student
short CV:

I am a researcher at the VRVis Research Center for Virtual Reality and Visualization and a PhD student at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). In May 2016 I joined the Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems.

I studied Technical Mathematics at the TU Wien with a focus on modelling and simulation of partial differential equations. In my diploma thesis I analyzed the flow through nanopores using a coupled system of equations for electrostatics, ion transport and fluid flow. I contributed to the START project 'PDE Models for Nanotechnology' for which I co-authored publications on the modelling and simulation of flow through nanopores.

research group:
Research Center of Hydrology and Water Resources Management
research interests:
• numerical methods for solving partial differential equations
• modelling and simulation of fluid flow
• initial boundary value problem for hyperbolic systems
• the shallow water equations
supervisor: G. Blöschl
other interests:
sports: climbing, hiking, running


Zsolt Horváth, Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Artem Konev, Daniel Cornel, Jürgen Komma, Günter Blöschl, Sebastian Noelle, Jürgen Waser
Comparison of Fast Shallow-Water Schemes on Real-World Floods,
In Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Volume 146, January 2020
[pdf link]
Daniel Cornel, Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Jürgen Waser
Integrated Simulation and Visualization for Flood Management,
In Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Conference Talks (SIGGRAPH ’20 Talks), 55, 2 pages, 2020
[pdf] [video]
Michael H. Wimmer, Markus Hollaus, Gottfried Mandlburger, Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Jürgen Waser, Jürgen Komma, Norbert Pfeifer,
Prozessierung bundesweiter Geodaten für hydraulische Modellierung,
Publikationen der DGPF, Band 29, pages 242-253, Tagung Stuttgart 2020
Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Zsolt Horváth, Sebastian Noelle, Günter Blöschl, Jürgen Waser
A fast second-order shallow water scheme on two-dimensional structured grids over abrupt topography,
In Advances in Water Resources, Volume 127, pages 89-108, May 2019
Daniel Cornel, Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Artem Konev, Zsolt Horváth, Michael Wimmer, Raimund Heidrich, Jürgen Waser
Interactive Visualization of Flood and Heavy Rain Simulations,
In Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings EuroVis 2019), 38(3), pages 25-39, 2019 Best Paper Award
[pdf] [video]
Jürgen Waser, Ingo Schwerdorf, Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Daniel Cornel, Hendrik Schulze, Günter Blöschl. Interaktive Simulationen als Entscheidungshilfe für wassersensible Stadtgestaltung. Tag der Hydrologie, Karlsruhe, 2019
Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Jürgen Waser, Zsolt Horváth, Daniel Cornel, Artem Konev Günter Blöschl. Outflow boundaries for hydrodynamic simulations at ungauged locations. Poster, 9th Annual Symposium of the Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems, December 3rd, 2018
Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Zsolt Horváth, Jürgen Waser, Günter Blöschl. A New Second-Order Shallow-Water Scheme on Two-Dimensional Structured Grids based on Hydrostatic Reconstruction. Poster, 8th Annual Symposium of the Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems, November 27th, 2017
Zsolt Horváth, Jürgen Waser, Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Daniel Cornel, Artem Konev, Günter Blöschl. Comparison and Validation of three Shallow Water Schemes on Synthetic and Real-World Cases. Poster, 7th Annual Symposium of the Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems, 2016