Hydraulic Engineering & Water Resources Man.
Karlsplatz 13/222
1040 Vienna Austria
Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber
PhD Student
short CV:

I am a researcher at the VRVis Research Center for Virtual Reality and Visualization and a PhD student at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). In May 2016 I joined the Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems.

I studied Technical Mathematics at the TU Wien with a focus on modelling and simulation of partial differential equations. In my diploma thesis I analyzed the flow through nanopores using a coupled system of equations for electrostatics, ion transport and fluid flow. I contributed to the START project 'PDE Models for Nanotechnology' for which I co-authored publications on the modelling and simulation of flow through nanopores.

research group:
Research Center of Hydrology and Water Resources Management
research interests:
• numerical methods for solving partial differential equations
• modelling and simulation of fluid flow
• initial boundary value problem for hyperbolic systems
• the shallow water equations
supervisor: G. Blöschl
other interests:
sports: climbing, hiking, running


Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Zsolt Horváth, Jürgen Waser, Günter Blöschl. A New Second-Order Shallow-Water Scheme on Two-Dimensional Structured Grids based on Hydrostatic Reconstruction. Poster, 8th Annual Symposium of the Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems, November 27th, 2017