Donau-City-Straße 1
1220 Vienna Austria
Daniel Cornel
short CV:
I received a BSc degree in Media Informatics from the Vienna University of Technology in 2011 and continued my studies with the Master program Visual Computing, which I completed in 2014 with a Master's thesis on stochastic sampling. During my studies, I specialized in real-time rendering with a focus on engine development for video games. I joined the Integrated Simulations group of the VRVis Research Center for Virtual Reality and Visualization in 2014 and am the lead rendering engine developer for Visdom. I completed my PhD on the topic of "Interactive Visualization of Simulation Data for Geospatial Decision Support" in 2020.
research group:
Integrated Simulations
research interests:

Interactive visualization, real-time rendering, water rendering, uncertainty visualization, GPU computing

Interactive Visualization of Simulation Data for Geospatial Decision Support [.pdf]
other interests:
Archaeology, flora and fauna (both virtual and real), video games, complexity theory, cryptanalysis


Zsolt Horváth, Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Artem Konev, Daniel Cornel, Jürgen Komma, Günter Blöschl, Sebastian Noelle, Jürgen Waser
Comparison of Fast Shallow-Water Schemes on Real-World Floods,
In Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Volume 146, January 2020
[pdf link]
Günter Blöschl, Andrea, Kiss, Alberto Viglione et al. (including Daniel Cornel and Jürgen Waser)
Current European Flood-Rich Period Exceptional Compared with Past 500 Years,
In Nature, 583, pages 560-566, 2020
[pdf link] [video]
Daniel Cornel, Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Jürgen Waser
Integrated Simulation and Visualization for Flood Management,
In Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Conference Talks (SIGGRAPH ’20 Talks), 55, 2 pages, 2020
[pdf] [video]
Daniel Cornel, Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Artem Konev, Zsolt Horváth, Michael Wimmer, Raimund Heidrich, Jürgen Waser
Interactive Visualization of Flood and Heavy Rain Simulations,
In Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings EuroVis 2019), 38(3), pages 25-39, 2019 Best Paper Award
[pdf] [video]
Jürgen Waser, Ingo Schwerdorf, Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Daniel Cornel, Hendrik Schulze, Günter Blöschl. Interaktive Simulationen als Entscheidungshilfe für wassersensible Stadtgestaltung. Tag der Hydrologie, Karlsruhe, 2019
Katharina Krösl, Harald Steinlechner, Johanna Donabauer, Daniel Cornel, Jürgen Waser
Master of Disaster: Virtual-Reality Response Training in Disaster Management,
Proceedings of VRCAI 2019, the 17th International Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and Its Applications in Industry, Volume 49, pages 1-2, 2019
[pdf] [poster]
Silvana Zechmeister, Daniel Cornel, Jürgen Waser. 3D Annotations for Geospatial Decision Support Systems. In Journal of WSCG 27(2), 2019
Artem Konev, Manuel Matusich, Ivan Viola, Hendrik Schulze, Daniel Cornel, Jürgen Waser
Fast cutaway visualization of sub-terrain tubular networks,
In Computers & Graphics, Volume 75, pages 25-35, 2018
Jürgen Waser, Artem Konev, Daniel Cornel. On-the-fly Decision Support in Flood Management. In GIM International, issue November/December, pages 22-25, 2018
Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Jürgen Waser, Zsolt Horváth, Daniel Cornel, Artem Konev Günter Blöschl. Outflow boundaries for hydrodynamic simulations at ungauged locations. Poster, 9th Annual Symposium of the Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems, December 3rd, 2018
Zsolt Horváth, Rui A.P. Perdigão, Jürgen Waser, Daniel Cornel, Artem Konev, Günter Blöschl
Kepler Shuffle for Real-World Flood Simulations on GPUs,
International Journal of High Performance Computing, 30(4), pages 379-395, 2016
[pdf] [video]
Daniel Cornel, Artem Konev, Bernhard Sadransky, Zsolt Horváth, Andrea Brambilla, Ivan Viola, Jürgen Waser
Composite Flow Maps,
In Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings EuroVis 2016), 35(3), pages 461-470, 2016
[pdf] [video]
Zsolt Horváth, Jürgen Waser, Andreas Buttinger-Kreuzhuber, Daniel Cornel, Artem Konev, Günter Blöschl. Comparison and Validation of three Shallow Water Schemes on Synthetic and Real-World Cases. Poster, 7th Annual Symposium of the Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems, 2016
Daniel Cornel, Artem Konev, Bernhard Sadransky, Zsolt Horváth, Eduard Gröller, Jürgen Waser
Visualization of Object-Centered Vulnerability to Possible Flood Hazards,
In Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings EuroVis 2015), 34(3), pages 331-341, 2015. Best Paper Award, 3rd place
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Zsolt Horváth, Jürgen Waser, Daniel Cornel, Artem Konev, Günter Blöschl. Validation of the HWP14 Scheme for the Shallow Water Equations on Real-World Cases in Stockerau, Austria. Poster, 6th Annual Symposium of the Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems, 2015
Artem Konev, Jürgen Waser, Bernhard Sadransky, Daniel Cornel, Rui A.P. Perdigão, Zsolt Horváth, M. Eduard Gröller
Run Watchers: Automatic Simulation-Based Decision Support in Flood Management,
In IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 20(12), pages 1873-1882 (Proceedings IEEE VAST), 2014
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