Hydraulic Engineering & Water Resources Man.
Karlsplatz 13/222
1040 Vienna Austria
Zsolt Horváth
short CV:
I am a researcher at the Vienna University of Technology and at the VRVis Research Center for Virtual Reality and Visualization. I graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology at Brno University of Technology and finished my PhD studies at the Vienna University of Technology. My PhD thesis presents a new numerical scheme for flood simulations and its efficient implementation on GPUs and validation on multiple analytic, laboratory and real-world cases. My current research topics involve large-scale flood simulations on GPUs.
research group:
Research Center of Hydrology and Water Resources Management
research interests:
  • Computer graphics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • GPU Computing
  • High Performance Computing
Efficient Large-Scale Real-World Flood Simulations using the Shallow Water Equations on GPUs [.pdf]
supervisor: G. Blöschl
other interests:
running, cycling, swimming, squash, reading


Zsolt Horváth, Rui A.P. Perdigão, Jürgen Waser, Daniel Cornel, Artem Konev, Günter Blöschl
Kepler Shuffle for Real-World Flood Simulations on GPUs,
International Journal of High Performance Computing, 30(4), pages 379-395, 2016
[pdf] [video]
Daniel Cornel, Artem Konev, Bernhard Sadransky, Zsolt Horváth, Andrea Brambilla, Ivan Viola, Jürgen Waser
Composite Flow Maps,
In Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings EuroVis 2016), 35(3), pages 461-470, 2016
[pdf] [video]
Zsolt Horváth, Jürgen Waser, Rui A.P. Perdigão, Artem Konev, Günter Blöschl
A Two-Dimensional Numerical Scheme of Dry/Wet Fronts for the Saint-Venant System of Shallow Water Equations,
In International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 77(3), pages 159-182, 2015.
[pdf] [poster] [video]
Daniel Cornel, Artem Konev, Bernhard Sadransky, Zsolt Horváth, Eduard Gröller, Jürgen Waser
Visualization of Object-Centered Vulnerability to Possible Flood Hazards,
In Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings EuroVis 2015), 34(3), pages 331-341, 2015. Best Paper Award, 3rd place
[pdf] [video]
Günter Blöschl, Zsolt Horváth, Andrea Kiss, Jürgen Komma, Thomas Nester, Rui A.P. Perdigão, Alberto Viglione, Jürgen Waser,
New Methods for Flood Risk Management,
In Österreichische Ingenieur- und Architekten-Zeitschrift (ÖIAZ) Jg.160, pages 1-12, 2015.
Artem Konev, Jürgen Waser, Bernhard Sadransky, Daniel Cornel, Rui A.P. Perdigão, Zsolt Horváth, M. Eduard Gröller
Run Watchers: Automatic Simulation-Based Decision Support in Flood Management,
In IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 20(12), pages 1873-1882 (Proceedings IEEE VAST), 2014.
[pdf] [video] [short video]
Jürgen Waser, Artem Konev, Bernhard Sadransky, Zsolt Horváth, Hrvoje Ribičić, Robert Carnecky, Patrick Kluding, Benjamin Schindler
Many Plans: Multidimensional Ensembles for Visual Decision Support in Flood Management,
In Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings EuroVis 2014), 33(3), pages 281-290, 2014.
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